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DRAIN YOUR NUT is a fuck party
for guys 
who want to get off.


This pop-up event takes place in unique industrial spaces in Southern California
and attracts hot and horny guys who like fuck in a group setting. 

Our events are for everyone, whether you’re a porn star or a regular guy who just wants to fuck around with horny guys. We are a non judgmental space and offer a less “scene-y” vibe, with the focus on nice and respectful guys fucking each other in the ass. Or whatever else you want to do.



July 2024


DYN has multiple playrooms PLUS a big warehouse space with slings and newly added glory holes. Complete with projected porn, large play mattresses for group fun, fuck benches and a rim seat.

Clothes check, bottled water, snacks, premium lubes, rubbers (for those who use them),

and small clean-up towels will be provided.

Located at an industrial warehouse site in Duarte (2 minutes from the 210 freeway). 

Easily accessible location for guys in the SFV, SGV and Inland Empire areas.

Only 30 minutes from downtown LA.  

Free and easy parking on site.



No Alcohol


You will not be let in if you are high or drunk, no exceptions.


Poppers are OK and available for purchase on site.


Double Header Passes include BOTH GROUPS

Weekend Passes available and include the Sunday Bator Group

2 - 6pm

For married/bi/DL & BEAR guys who enjoy fucking around with other men. Laid back vibe, casual daytime event for HORNY dudes looking to fuck. First timers welcome.
Arrival within the first hour is best.

8pm -12am

*fetish gear encouraged
Get piggy at this warehouse fuck party where fetish gear is encouraged. Slings, fuck benches, porn, and tons of slutty guys ready for hot and sweaty group play. Gangbang orgy in an industrial warehouse full of leather. 


Sunday May 19th  | 2pm - 5pm


This is a group for bators! Stroke your cock with other guys and bond as you build up intense sexual energy. No fucking allowed, this is for solo bating, or mutual touch, body contact. Connect with other guys while your cocks throb and you enjoy an extended bating session.


Poppers OK. No Alcohol. No PNP

Free clothes check, Albolene and lube, projected porn, clean up towels, and bottled water provided.


How many people will there be there?

Usually we have 80 - 100 people at each DYN group

Our bator groups are more like 25 - 30 guys


What should I wear?

Wear whatever you’re comfortable in and want to wear while having sex. Guys go totally naked, some wear cock rings, jock straps, underwear, tank tops, shorts, harnesses, or full on fetish gear. It’s totally up to you what you want to wear to feel sexy. We ask that you keep your footwear on at all times tho.


What do I do with my street clothes?

We have a complimentary clothes check that can hold onto your clothes, bags, jackets and valuables. This is free of charge and you can access your belongings whenever you like throughout the event.


Can I have my phone with me?

We ask that you turn your phone on silent and check it with your clothing. We don’t allow any type of photo or videos at our event, and guys get spooked when you pull out your phone at a sex party. You are welcome to come back to the clothes check area and check your phone as much as you like.


Should I bring lube and poppers?

You are welcome to bring your own poppers and lube, however we will have plenty of lube on hand. Plus we have Double Scorpio poppers for sale at the clothes check.


Is there a shower or area to clean out?

There is not. Please come fully prepared. There are bathrooms to use, but not for cleaning out.


Is there a bar?

We provide snacks and bottled water for everyone, but do not have a bar. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed at this event. Drain Your Nut is not about getting fucked up, but rather about getting fucked.


What’s the vibe like?

Our events have a friendly non-threatening and very horny vibe. All the guys who attend are there to fuck and get off with other guys. This event is not about being seen, or hearing some special DJ, or watching a featured porn star. Our event is just a place where horny men can get together and fuck around. It’s a very mixed crowd with ALL types, and an opportunity to play in all ways. We have slings for fucking or even fisting (if you bring your own supplies), areas to just hang out and jerk off and look at porn, glory holes for sucking dick, fuck benches for pounding random hole, and mattresses for more intimate encounters. There is no pressure to do anything you don’t want to, and we encourage everyone to be very respectful.


Can I pay at the door? I’m worried about my information being on record by purchasing online

Ticket buyer information is not being shared with anyone else, and the only information we collect is an email address so we can send you arrival instructions and alert you to future events. Purchasing the ticket online will show up as Eventbrite on your CC or Debit statement. If that is a huge issue for you, you can email us directly and we can work something out.


Can I get a discount?

It’s possible to do some work trade for a discounted or free ticket to the event. If you are available to help set up or clean up the warehouse space, there are a few limited spots available for guys to volunteer in exchange for free entry. Just email us if you are interested.


What’s parking like?

There is plenty of free parking in the lot attached to the building. Feel free to park in any available spot and enter the building discreetly.


Is there a cut off for entry? 

This group is usually very prompt, so we’d encourage arriving within the first 45 minutes of the event. But you can arrive up until 30 minutes before the event ends, but most likely it won’t be very busy by then.


What’s the refund policy? 

At this time, tickets are non refundable


***We sometimes throw smaller groups on short notice in new locations.

Only those on the email list will get the invite to those events.

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